Welcome to my little spot on the web. You will find no porn here. We are in a sad state of affairs when that is the first thing I have to say on the top of my page, but the sad fact is that many of the people looking for t-girls on the web have porn in mind. What you will find here is interesting writing from America's T-Girl™ , some programming kung fu to get you through the day if you're a programmer of any kind, and some photos and stories from a beautiful young t-girl doing the same things anyone else might do, and probably some things you wish you could do (which I will tell you how)! I will also have a large section of information for transsexuals, and other transgender folk. Due to excessive spamming, I can't post my email here, but please contact me via Myspace or through my blog if you have any comments! Just click around using the menu at the top and enjoy your stay. I'm always making updates, so check the dates under each section to see if I've updated recently. If you want to know more about my personal history, and see some old photos, read this link.

Sections on this site:

America's T-girl - A short article explaining why I call myself that

Blog - This link will take you to my blog, which is a hodgepodge of stuff I've written covering politics, programming, transgender issues, and it has my weekly football picks.

Myspace - An archive of things taken from my Myspace page. Includes larger versions of my Myspace photos, and copies of my blogs from Myspace

Tranny - Information for transgender people including makeup tips, fashion tips, skin care and shaving advice, links to old blogs about transgender issues, and anything else of interest to t-girls. Includes a short article about why I use the word "tranny", which is considered derogatory by some people.

Programming - Programming articles about SQL, C#(.Net), ASP.Net, HTML, and all the basics. Includes source code in many cases.

Having Fun - Things I love - Auto Racing, Origami, Japan and the Japanese Language with a list of Japanese films you must see, Ships-in-bottles, and Golf.

Photos - The least important section of the site, but probably what you came for. Photos of me and my friends.